Skiddaw 5 Wood Burning Stove

DEFRA approved Stove

The Skiddaw is a compact appliance making it ideal where space is limited or for small rooms. It stands just 530mm in height and offers a fantastic heat output. It is also stylish in its appearance and exceptionally substantial in it’s construction and appearance. In recent independent tests, stoves that were Eco Design 2022 Compliant used 6 times less fuel than their non compliant equivalents.

The body of the Skiddaw is made from high grade steel which will allow it to heat up quickly from first lighting and will radiate heat to the room quickly, and the door is made from virgin cast Iron for strength and rigidity. The stove features an advanced Tertiary Air System where pre-heated air is drawn in to the firebox and injected in to the path of the fuel gases, this caused the gases to re-ignite resulting in significantly cleaner and more efficient burning.

The Skiddaw offers a nominal heat output of 5kw with a maximum heat output of 8-9kw, meaning that it can be used in a room with no external ventilation or air bricks. It incorporates an air control which is located below the door for easy access and control of the fire. The air control lever allows complete and effective control over both the burn rate and temperature output. The firebox is fully lined with fire bricks to maximise the efficiency and life of of the stove and it also has an advanced pre-heat air wash system that ensures the glass window stays clean to give a clear view of the flames.

Defra Approved
Eco Design 2022 Compliant
80% Effieciency
Large Ceramic Glass Window
Air Controls
Advanced Airwash

Width: 410mm
Height: 530mm
Depth: 330mm
Output: 4.9kW
Material: Steel
Suitable for use in smoke control areas: Yes
Flue Diameter: 125mm
Flue Outlet: Top or Rear