Why buy a wood stove in 2019

Buying a modern stove in 2019 and why they are gaining in popularity.

Modern stoves are gaining in popularity again as more and more people are choosing to install one as part of their home style. Although it is true that the desire of home owners with properties that could support a wood burning stove never really went away, the cost of fuel and strict regulations have kept people away. With the advances in stoves and installation techniques more people are now looking to make the change to living fire heating.

Stoves have always been able to establish themselves as an important part of the room they are in and therefore are used as a style cue for that space. These days stoves are available in a number of great styles that can be used to define your living space, and also create that wow factor that will make you want to be in your home.

Stoves with modern styles employ crisp, angular surfaces together with conservative use of embellishment to create a clean look to to your home. These stoves are also available in a surprising range of colours and can also be in cylinder shapes that move away from the usual box shapes, commonly used for stoves.

One thing that differentiates the wood burning stoves you would buy today are the differences in materials used and the manufacturing practices used in their construction.
Not only can you get stoves made from the traditional cast Iron but you can find constructions in or with a mixture of high quality Steel. The inclusion of a Steel construction of a stove gives it greater resistance to the high temperatures they are exposed to and increase the durability and lifespan of the stove. Modern stoves are also manufactured and assembled to a very high standard, where the high level of craftsmanship is very evident! If your stove is occasionally serviced and well maintained then you will get many years of pleasure from it.

Another advantage of having a new, modern stove installed in your home are advanced designs that burn the fuel with more heat and less smoke. Widely available are DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved stoves that are suitable for use in smoke control areas. These stoves have in-built features that maximise the fuel and Oxygen flow so that the fuel is consumed more efficiently with more heat and leaving less smoke. These features generally work the best with seasoned, dry wood that is recommended for all stove types.

Modern stove styles just like more traditional ones come in a variety of sizes and heat energy outputs. The most common stoves that are suitable for most rooms have a nominal heat output of around 5Kw.
This is enough to heat a room to a comfortable temperature even on a cold night! But for bigger rooms then stoves with heat outputs of over 7Kw are also available. The heat output of a stove is determined assuming that dry/seasoned wood is being used. If the fuel isn’t dried enough then the amount of heat released will be lower.

Create a focal point for your room with a modern stove fireplace. The fire was always the centre of the home due to it’s importance in cooking food, providing warmth and also light for the long winter nights. A good stove installer will always suggest an addition of a quality fireplace to compliment the presence of the stove in your home. The inclusion of a quality fireplace can also help with keeping your appliance in as safe a place as possible as to not risk the possibility of fire.

If you would like to have your home considered for having a stove then contact a reputable and certified stove installer and they will survey your property. They will be able to check your property to see if it can support the installation of a solid fuel burning appliance, and give advice on the law and any local authority permissions you may have to seek.

It is recommended that you have your stove chimney flue swept at least once a year to prevent the build up of potentially dangerous and flammable substances. It also helps to keep the chimney draft flow at an optimum amount, keeping your stove burning with maximum efficiency.

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