Terms and Conditions

                SM Chimney Sweeps Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Payment is due upon completion of work. (The only exception is if you pay via PayPal which requires payment 24hr before the work is carried out.)
  • Interest may be charged if payment is not received with in 14 days of invoice.
  • An extra charge may apply where appliances pose complications and / or require further investigation.
  • A reduced rate may apply where there is more than one appliance.
  • If on arrival at a property, a sweep is unable to carry out the cleaning, there will be a call-out charge of £50.
  • It is the householders responsibility to move or protect any valuables, furniture or carpet whilst the chimneys are being swept and the sweep shall not be held responsible for any damage caused.
  • Your sweep can only use his/her judgement and experience during sweeping to advise on the condition of your chimney or appliance. Information and / or advice supplied by the sweep should not be relied upon in anyway. Chimneys are affected by weather, the way they are used and kept and many other factors not known to your sweep.
  •  The sweep shall not be held responsible for any subsequent damage caused by loosening or falling objects inside or outside of the chimney.
  • The customer must give 48 hours notice for a cancellation of work that is being carried out.