Solution 5 widescreen multi-fuel stove

Solution 5 widescreen multi-fuel stove
DEFRA approved

Transform your living space into a warm and inviting haven with the Solution 5 Widescreen stove. This exceptional fireplace companion boasts a harmonious blend of modern features and timeless elegance, creating an ambiance that will mesmerise you and your guests.

One of the standout features of this stove is its expansive widescreen viewing window. Whether you choose to burn wood or smokeless fuel, the Solution 5 guarantees a captivating display that will envelop your home with a comforting and cosy aura.

Not only does the Solution 5 offer visual delight, but it also prioritises practicality. Say goodbye to a sooty viewing window, thanks to the powerful airwash system that keeps it clean and clear. Furthermore, this stove is designed to be external air compatible, making it an excellent choice for modern, airtight homes built to PassivHaus standards.

The Solution 5 boasts an impressive A+ energy rating and a remarkable heat rating of 82.5%, it stands out as one of the most efficient models on the market. Additionally, it surpasses the latest particulate and emissions standards, positioning it as EcoDesign compliant. With DEFRA approval, you can confidently enjoy the Solution 5 even in smoke control zones throughout the UK.

  • Widescreen viewing window offers a mesmerising view of dancing flames
  • Available in eight different colours to suit your personal style
  • Powerful airwash system keeps the viewing window clean
  • External air compatibility for modern, airtight homes
  • A+ energy rating and 82.5% heat rating for exceptional efficiency
  • EcoDesign-ready, surpassing particulates and emissions standards
  • DEFRA approved for use in smoke control zones throughout the UK
Width: 519mm
Height: 551mm
Depth: 387mm
Output: 5kW
Material: Steel body, Cast Iron door
Suitable for use in smoke control areas: Yes
Flue Diameter: 125mm
Flue Outlet: Top or Rear